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    Think I've killed my Touch following upgrade

    Hi all,
    About a week ago I upgraded LMS to the latest version. All seemed to be going well, until I installed Spotty. Spotify couldn't find the Touch on the wifi, then I realised the Touch wasn't connecting to the network. Cycled the power, no difference, then read the forums for anything similar, but couldn't see anything. Performed a hard reset, and now have a Touch that displays "Free your music", then takes me to the language selection screen. Select a language, beeps, nothing. Select another language, same result. Have I killed it, or is there some way of restoring the firmware to an earlier or factory version?

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    The current firmware is here:

    Touch is "fab4.bin". Copy it to a blank USB key and insert in rear of Touch. If Touch were functional, you'd select Settings > Advanced > Software update. In your case, I'd do a "Factory Reset" by holding the button above ethernet port on rear of Touch until you see a message on screen. Hopefully, it will detect and reload the firmware. I'm not completely sure about that last part, so you may want to hold off until you get more advice. In any case, if you try it I doubt you'll be in any worse situation.

    In the event the problem is with the Touch's onboard wifi, you might first try resetting the Touch while connected via ethernet. If this works, you have options.

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    I've connected it via ethernet, now sits merrily telling me it's "verifying ethernet connection". It appears I've lost the ability to connect in any way. Unless anyone has anything to add I'll give Apesbrain suggestion a go.

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