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    SOLVED: How to connect PiZero to another AP?

    Hi all

    I installed another AP with same wifi settings as the old one.
    The RPi B with USB wifi dongle connects without any intervention.
    The RPi Zero W on the other hand doesn't connect, even after multiple reboots.

    Am I missing something?

    Last edited by Rnee; 2019-10-07 at 13:23. Reason: Solved
    pCP v5.0.0 on all players
    LMS 7.9.3 on Debian Buster server in a Linux Container, +27k titles on SMB share
    RPi 3B+ with Hifiberry AMP2 and official 7" touchscreen (Squeezelite + Jivelite)
    RPi B as dedicated player, connected over wifi with USB dongle
    RPi 2B as dedicated player, connected over powerline
    RPi Zero W as dedicated player
    Squeezer on Android to control

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