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    WIP: WD Passport Wireless SSD (and probably Pro)

    I've had a WD Passport Wireless PRO for some time and recently also picked up the SSD version (cheap) and while I saw another thread on them I lost track and decided to start from first principles.

    I started with a chroot Alpine Linux and have got to the point things are running but with issues. To that end here are my current shell scripts to fetch and build the base chroot and so on.

    There are problems at the moment where excess file system writes from inside Alpine cause the process to spin at 100%. I thought I fixed this by updating to "edge" release (using musl 1.1.24) but while better it still persists.

    I also move most of lib/ and CPAN/ out of the way and only put DBIx back. This lets me start slimserver.pl but scans miss most files.

    The ZIP file is a snapshot of what I have, it's messy and there is NO error checking. Don't hate me! :-)
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