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    No sound Tidal + LMS + Squeezepad -- fixed

    Hi all,

    A few days ago I purchased the $9.99 month Tidal subscription and couldn't get any sound from Tidal to my Transporter, even though the Transporter's view screen showed the song selection from Tidal playing. I pulled my hair out for days, emails back and forth with Tidal support, tried proxy steaming, rebooted everything, installed and uninstalled Tidal, LMS, and Squeezed and nothing worked. Then I was just messing around in the menus on the Transporter and changed the steaming quality selection from "FLAC or MP3" to "MP3" and it started playing. I can only assume that the Transporter couldn't select between the two when the incoming stream was only MP3 (the ($9.99 Tidal subscription is only MP3).

    Hope this helps someone someday!
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