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    Just want someone to confirm that streaming 24/96 doesn't work with LMS and the Tidal plugin.
    Can it be fixed or is it so deep in the way LMS works?
    Hi Zombie,

    To my knowledge the Tidal app/plugin is currently capped at 16/44,1 playback and does not support MQA unfolding on the current API available/implementet for LMS. It would be really nice with, and we are many that are hoping for, an updated native Tidal app with MQA, or at least higher resolution decoding of the Master files, but I don't know of any plans for this at the moment.

    As I'm currently exploring the same thing, I got some help from @bpa to find a free workaround involving use of the Tidal application for Windows on my Windoes LMS server together with the official WaveInput plugin modified somewhat to use sox.exe instead of the provided wavin2cmd.exe for the flac transcoding to the Squeezebox players. With this setup, I now believe/hope I''m getting nice 24/96 playback from Tidal Master tracks on my SBT and further via SPDIF(not EDO) as verified by my DAC which caps at those bitrates. Depending on your endpoint and network equipment, this should also work with higher bitrates for players that support this(but not for Tidal and SBT which cap at 24/96, I believe), and I see no reason that this shouldn't work with EDO on the SBT, either. Provided that you have som way of running the Tidal app on Linux, a similar solution with WaveInput should work on a LMS server there also, but I haven't tried either EDO or Linux my self yet.

    The work-around:

    Unfortunately, I cannot yet remote control the Tidal application that unfolds the master files on my windows server by other means than through RDP, yet. But I'm hoping to find a solution for remote controlling the Tidal app on my phone besides the iPeng app, which controls the rest of my LMS setup. And the audio stream is fully decoded in 24/96 with the 1st unfold information from the Tidal app(24/88,2-96), so no support for further pass-through of 2nd and 3rd unfolding information, unfortunately. On the other hand, if it works as intended, it's better than 16/44,1, and the solution works with any streaming, analog or digital input on the Windows server which you would want to transfer in 24/96 hi-res to your SBT, or even higher for more capable players..

    If you ever stumble upon or come up with any better or easier solution for playing hi-res/MQA Tidal or other streaming services to Squeezebox players, please contribute to this thread that has this in mind:

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