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    USB B cable question

    My new DAC has a USB 1 input, so I currently need to use the ‘workaround’ in order to send data. I know adding a powered USB hub to the chain will negate the need for the workaround, but the cable issue is holding me back ...

    The Touch and DAC have female USB B sockets, but most hubs have male USB B in and female USB A out.

    I am trying to get my head around the cleanest and neatest way of adding a hub to the chain. I’m sure there is an easy solution - it’s just that as cant think of one!

    Please enlighten me :-)

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    The Touch has a USB A socket output.
    USB hubs have a USB B socket input, and USB A socket outlets.
    DAC will have a USB B socket input.

    The socket A end is the controlling end, the socket B end is passive.

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    Chris :)

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