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    Wishlist: Roku app with squeezeplay-like UI for controlling all devices


    As I'm jumping back into my squeezebox setup and refreshing things, I've decided that what I'm really missing is something as elegant as the squeezeplay interface that I can navigate using my TV remote.

    For my family, that would mean a Roku app -- they already know the squeezeplay interface because literally every room in our house has a SB Radio (Is nine a lot?

    I think I saw a Roon roku app that's closer to what I'm asking than the MainSqueeze app. Just throwing it out there...

    Also, I'd really like to have a text-based squeezeplay app that functions like squeezeplay with no built-in player so that I could easily select a player, and navigate the menus with the keyboard and be able to easily control ALL the squeezebox devices in my house. I spend most of my day working in a terminal window on remote systems, so not needing a gui or a mouse would be a definite plus for me.

    Thanks, stay safe, and don't stop the music.


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    You should be able to use a Logitech Harmony IR remote for the Radio. Logitech lists Squeezebox as compatible, however, I don't think the Squeezebox Receiver has IR. The Boom and the Radio do.
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    Roku has phone apps. Iphone version is great.
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