I'm using a RPi3 connected to a PS Audio Sprout via USB (I'm also using an iFi iPurifier2 on the USB cable). The Sprout's USB input can accept via DoP both DSD64 & DSD128. Using this hardware I'm able to play DSD64 files via DoP from Squeezelite.

As I mentioned, following soundcheck's thorough walk-through I was able to get DSD64 files to play just fine. However when I play a DSD128 file I just get silence. Squeezelite goes through the motions of playing the file - but no sound. According to "soundcheck" he can get up to DSD256 to play.

Soundcheck's walk-through assumed the RPi would have a DAC hat. But I'm not using a hat - just the RPi's USB port. I'm wondering if DSD128 is even possible on the RPi's USB port?