I imagine anyone who needs to know about this does so already since I am an amateur coder and usually way behind the curve. However, I didn't know about Pishrink and it helped me out of a hole over the weekend. I was getting some weird network errors and then LMS refused to scan music and I eventually concluded that the SD card was giving up the ghost. I thought I was ok however since I had a number of backups of the working SD card as image files. However, I ran into the usual issue of the backup image files being bigger than any of the spare SD cards I have, including two brand new ones. I was essentially stuffed at this point as the only way I knew of to fix the problem was to reduce the partition size of the card using GParted before making a new backup image file but the card was giving up the ghost so new copies weren't going to work! The answer was surprisingly easy, using Pishrink to get rid of all the unused space on one of my backup image files, (reducing it from around 32gig to 3.7 or so). Then using dd to write the image onto a fresh card with Pishrink expanding the image on boot to fill the new card.

Thanks to the developers of Pishrink you saved my bacon!