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    Quote Originally Posted by bobchadwick View Post
    Thanks! Do you happen to know what the different variants of those chips are? Looks like the ones ending in MDCAR are not going to be in stock anytime soon either. Do you know if the TAS5780MDCA (https://www.digikey.com/en/products/...0MDCA/13444775) would work?
    Looking at the datasheet of the TAS5780M (section 15), my understanding is that the TAS5780MDCA and TAS5780MDCAR are identical. The only difference is the number of IC's per rail, but that is only relevant if you buy large quantities.

    PS: Philippe recently ordered a new batch of pre-assembled SqueezeAMPs, see this thread. It may be worthwhile to check with him if there are still boards from this batch that are not reserved yet (maybe you already did?).
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    Quote Originally Posted by mzee45 View Post

    @daduke Sounds very promissing. Can you confirm that the "Divoom Tivoo" includes a esp32 wrover? In this teardown i can not see the esp32: estebon dot mx "Divoom Tivoo IC components (part 1)"

    The "Divoom Tivoo" with its LED Matrix, good sound and good design, it could be a perfect device for a squeezeliteESP32 alarm clock radio.

    What do you think?
    it doesn't include one, that's why I put one in there.
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