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Yes, that's right of course, I was complaining about how slow it was

Of course, that lengthy wait can't all be blamed on the SqueezeAMP. Even after Squeezelite starts running, LMS has to detect it and start streaming to it, and then my DAC has to lock on to the S/PDIF signal on the Toslink cable. My timing stopped the moment I heard output from the speakers.

Admittedly, this 'chain' was working moments earlier when I first flipped the switch to off, but nevertheless, I was genuinely surprised how quickly everything came back when I turned it on again.
There's a new build of you are willing to try it.

The most important change is a decoupling of configuration values and the NVS (non volatile storage) throughout all the subsystems. Using the NVS all over the place resulted in competing for flash resources. Going forward, configuration values will be stored in PSRAM using the cJSON library, which is pretty much an efficient linked list implementation. I'm going to spare all the technical details and just say that the system should run more smoothly. For example, hitting the HTTP server during playback shouldn't result in stuttering. OTA, at least in theory, should be more responsive.

I tried some benchmark of boot to playback, and I think some milliseconds might have been shaved too (1500ms or so) compared to your non scientific measurements.

Give it a try if you feel like it, but be aware that a full boring TTL recovery flash is required. We're nearing the end of that cycle; as we approach the reception of the first boards from PCB way, recovery mechanisms (including WiFi profile management) will need to be locked down.