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    pre-ANNOUNCE: SqueezeAMP and SqueezeliteESP32

    This is a pre-announce of the SqueezeliteESP32 (Software) and SqueezeAMP project(s). @bgirault sparkle the initial idea of using espressif chipset to build a squeezebox from scratch then @sle118 suggested to try esp32 instead and port squeezelite. I jumped in to help and recently we have been joined by @daduke.

    There are 2 components of the project: SqueezeAMP which is the audio board and SqueezeESP32 which is the software that runs on it. SqueezelisteESP32 can also be compiled to run on any espressif esp32 board, I'll come back on that

    1- SqueezeAMP: The project lives here https://github.com/philippe44/Squeez...ster/README.md. It's a complete audio board with the following characteristic

    • integrated power amplifier up to 2x20W
    • analogue line-out (which can be used as a headset output, with some precaution)
    • opticial spdif
    • WiFi and BT connectivity
    • power from 5-20V
    • battery charger and automatic switch (battery can be 2 or 3xLiIon cells)
    • all inputs/outputs (including reset and power on) are using through connectors so they can be un-populated and replaced by wires for integrating inside another design
    • 3 extension connectors with 5, 2 and 3 generic purpose IO (i2s, i2c, spi, gpio)
    • can provide 3.3V regulated output 100mA++ for external devices
    • the board is modular, so you can chose to not build the battery system and not build the amplifier (removes line-out)

    2- SqueezeliteESP32 lives here https://github.com/philippe44/squeezelite-esp32. It's the software to run on the SqueezeAMP but it can be used on any esp32-based devices.

    • full port of squeezelite (up to 192kHz samplerate, but 16 bits only)
    • pcm, aif, alac, flac, mp3, ogg, opus, aac (mp4) codecs
    • resampling to and from any rate
    • synchronization with other squeezeboxes
    • BT sink (play from any BT-capable devices)
    • AirPlay sink with synchronization (play from any iOS/iTunes or compatible device)
    • when used with SqueezeAMP, plays on internal amplifier, analogue line-out, spdif or send audio to a BT device (external speaker or headset)
    • when used standalone, it can output to BT, an i2s DAC or a spdif connector.
    • you can even do funny things like AirPlay to Bluetooth ...

    This is an non-commercial, open source, free project. I have build a few SqueezeAMP board, but this is manual work that cannot scale. Anybody can make their own, there is all the information available on the github repositories

    We will continue to evolve the software and the board, but at this point we wanted to gauge interest from the community here to have a small batch of SqueezeAMP made by my PCB vendor. It would be delivered with the board fully populated and the full set of connectors, but these would not be mounted so that you can chose how you want to integrate the board. There will be no $ margin taken, but I estimate that if we can build around 30 units, price will be somewhere between 50 to 70$. This is not the cheapest ever, I know, but I think it brings plenty and there is no magic when volume is small.

    Please understand this is not a professional project, so if you are interested, let us know but be mindful that it comes with no warranty of any kind.

    The esp32 has plenty of potential to add features, from a LCD and few buttons for local control to a microphone for vocal command, but that we'll have to be later if there is interest. We would also need to build a case, so CAD expert are welcome to help
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