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    SB Touch suddenly won't play non-44.1KHz MP3s

    My setup:
    Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.2 - 1565967976 @ Fri Aug 16 17:16:14 CEST 2019
    Player Model: Squeezebox Touch, Firmware: 7.8.0-r16754
    Plugins: A few, but nothing unusual.
    Applets: EDO, but same behavior without EDO
    No custom-convert.conf file

    All my music is FLAC at various sample rates, and those files all play fine. But I also have a large number of spoken-word recordings in MP3 at various sample rates from 8000Hz to 48000Hz.

    Those MP3s used to play. But now, 18 months since I last listened to them, only the MP3s encoded at 44100Hz will play. The others appear to play -- the elapsed time in the UI changes, I can seek and pause/play, etc -- and their sample rates are correctly displayed in the LMS UI, but no sound is actually produced at the digital or analog outputs.

    With logging enabled for processes that looked relevant (formats.audio, player.source, player.streaming, player.streaming.direct), I can see that the player enters the BUFFERING-STREAMING state for the 22050Hz file vs. the PLAYING-STREAMING state for the 44100Hz file. But I don't see anything to indicate why that's happening.

    Since the files last played, I've made only one hardware change: Last year, my old Touch was starting to have intermittent connection problems, so I replaced it with a new Touch, which works great in all other ways. I've made no other changes except for regularly updating the LMS software.

    If I resample the MP3 files to 44100Hz MP3, they play fine. So I can do that if necessary, or transcode them to FLAC to keep the audio quality from degrading. But I'd prefer to keep the files unchanged if I can, especially since they all used to play.

    Any ideas for why these files no longer play, or for steps I can take to try to make them play?

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    I can't offer any meaningful advice, I can only say that I too have been unable to play low sample rate MP3s on a Pi running Squeezelite/Max2Play. Same symptom: Visually looks like it's playing but there's no sound.

    I have so few of them and am not particularly attached to any of them, so I have never put any real work into figuring out what's going on. I did try to limit the acceptable sample rates on the Squeezelite command line, but that didn't help.

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