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Thanks, that gives me food for thought. The reason I don't like installing nightlies is no-one else can install the same version to try to reproduce a problem or if I say "it works for me" and they want to install the same. Lack of a beta period does not invalidate any of that.
The changes (either by Michael Herger or a submission from a users) that are made in nightlies tend to be either bug fixes or small localised feature enhancement. Occasionally changes have to be un-done but it is rare - most are modest and improve things.

If you have a problem, it is possible with revision control to go back to any specific nightly so that your issue can be tested easily to see if a change caused the problem.

Recently I had an issue whereby something changed in LMS which broke BBCiPlayer behaviour in 7.9.2 - to find the critical change all I had to do was to find versions that worked and one that didn't - initially a month at a time, then a week and then a day to find the change that broke.