I have alot of user experience with sb devices since 2009, but I am not one of the "under the hood" guys that provide great support on this forum. I have used duet, booms, touches, radios, and now use PiCore as servers.

Anyhow, I have been trying to help a friend get started with SB (after he saw mine) and I gave him a duet to try, and to date we have only had it hooked up on mysb.com. We have had stability lock up issues which I discussed on this thread: https://forums.slimdevices.com/showt...-address-first

Unfortunately, he is not very technical, and most of my support has been via email, over the phone. I am only at his place in person after a bit of a drive (and I need to be invited )

He has allot of network interruptions that may be due to either the ISP or his wifi. Often the duet combo will lock up (Receiver white light, doesn't play, controller can choose player, but can't control it, remote control from mysb.come doesn't work). When this happes we need to do the controller/receiver rest process (press and hold controller until fast red flash, Power and '+' on the controller, go through the setup process).

I have seen this on my setups, but always through it was because of years back using an old LMS version, wifi issues, etc. I am thinking that I have not seen this with a touch, boom, or radio, but I am not sure.

My concern/suspicion is that there is a unique relationship between the receiver and controller (or possibly the controller and any other device it's connected to) that might cause a lockup when network exceptions happen, where an integrated UI system (touch, radio, etc) does not. The controller uses wifi to communicate to the receiver, where in integrated units, the UI does not. Maybe the "control link" is susceptible?

Has anyone seen something like this or have knowledge of it?

I think my path forward might be to give him a radio to try, then, maybe look for a second hand touch for him. I had thought a duet would be perfect (carry the controller to control outdoor speakers, etc...), but with this, and when I gave him the controller to try, he had to find his reading glasses (oops, hadn't thought of that )...so, maybe it isn't ideal for him.

I appreciate any thoughts.