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One issue with a receiver is that users have tended to hide it away or right up beside other kit - unlike radio and touch which are on full display.

Signal is never great if a receiver is placed behind an amp or at back of a shelf.
agree, but in this test, they were both on the same shelf, next to each other, next to the receiver, but a couple feet away. Not to say that made the WIFI reception equal, as the internal antenna design and configuration/orientation differ. I did check the wireless signal strength of the receiver in settings, advanced, and it was about 50%, but who knows where "acceptable" is.

I have 3 receivers running at my house, all via wifi, in occasional use locations (outdoor speakers, etc), and it seems like after a period of non use, they get lost (don't appear on the list of players) and have to be reset. I don't know why, I don't seem to have to have this problem with touch/booms/radios.

The thing that is difficult with friend is he is not technically inclined, and my visits are not that frequent and on the short side. I really don't want him to sour on the SB experience, so I need to get him stable the best way I can.

Thanks for your thoughts, Jim