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    "invalid phone number or password" error message in TIDAL

    TIDAL has suddenly started giving me an "invalid phone number or password" error message, and I can't figure out where to reenter the password. I can get TIDAL to play from my desktop, so my TIDAL account seems to be in order. Help much appreciated.

    Receiver has wired ethernet, comptroller is internal wifi to receiver. Windows 7. Version 7.7.5. Comptroller says 77. Wireless signal 80%.

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    "invalid phone number or password" error message in TIDAL

    IIRC you enter your credentials on mysqueezebox.com. Or in ickstream if youĺre using it.

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    Thanks for that. I deleted the account and reinstated it and that seems to have worked.

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    IME Tidal seemingly randomly sometimes wants you to login using email address as username, sometimes phone number as username.

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