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    library rescan seems to start at random times

    I prefer to have LMS rescan only when I want it to, but it seems to do it on it's own at random intervals. Is there a control I am missing?

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    Look at

    Settings / Advanced / Rescan Music Libray - a rescan scheduler

    and also have you installed the AutoScan plugin at some time
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    I never installed the auto rescan plugin,

    My only choices under advanced settings are:
    1. rescan automatically when changes are made
    2. prompt for rescan when changes are made.

    I am never prompted, rarely make changes. Just a minor annoyance.


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    I had a RESCAN oddity recently that I was going to raise in the Forum, but which I managed eventually to solve on my own. My LMS is set to RESCAN when it detects additions or changes. I hadn't done either recently, but LMS was suddenly endlessly rescanning, and freezing up in assorted annoying ways. While I was grabbing and preparing LOGGING files to show here, I noticed that they seemed to show a scanning hang-up with a single MP3 file in a single album (among thousands). I guessed that file - which I had not touched for years, even just to play it - had somehow developed corruption and that LMS was seeing this as a change that it could not deal with. Oddly, the file still played fine (in WinAmp - I couldn't get near it via LMS)! So, I simply deleted the file from its album folder, and then a RESCAN went though the whole music HDD quite quickly, and finished properly. I had another FLAC version of the same file, so I then just popped that into the folder, and again a RESCAN went ahead with no problems. Odd, really: why should an unused file suddenly corrupt itself? And why would LMS see that as a "change", triggering RESCAN?
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    Quote Originally Posted by agbagb View Post
    why should an unused file suddenly corrupt itself? And why would LMS see that as a "change", triggering RESCAN?
    Once you have the answer to the first question, I think you will have the answer to the second.

    Check the revision dates of the MP3 file to get an idea of when it changed. Might help in narrowing things down.
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