At 07:55 PM 8/12/2004, Dale E Martin <dmartin (AT) cliftonlabs (DOT) com>
> wrote:
>Not if we have the same album, but mine is remastered and yours isn't.
>Then will have the same album, same songs, same tracklist, etc and we still
>won't be able to automatically say "the same song" by comparing bytes.

By my working definition, remastered versions are different songIDs.

>Perhaps this is a pathological case,

I don't think it is pathological at all.
There are many different releases of CDs, especially
hyper popular rock from the 60s and 70s that the
labels want to resell over and over.

> I think the point is that calculating a
>primary key off of the data will cause more troubles that it's worth.

If all you are saying is you don't want it to be the primary key,
that is fine with me. Use an autoincrement generated key
as the primary, and store the hash in the main table.

What I care about is identifying songs that are identical and have
it be independant of path, meta data, tags, etc. so we can add
data linked in from other sources.