>>>> jack (AT) monkeynoodle (DOT) org 8/13/2004 1:36:42 PM >>>
>> What is much more useful to me (and probably wouln't be in the
> > default slimserver implementation, although I'd like to extend
> > the DB to handle this) is having a column called "hasError". If
> > I'm listening to music and notice that the track cuts off
> > prematurely or has clicks and pops in it, I jump on my laptop
> > and set that flag. This makes it really easy to see what songs I
>> should re-rip or re-download, and would make it easy to tell
> > slimserver to not play any songs with known errors.

> ding, good idea there -- should be tied to the Zap feature (holding
> Add during playback).

I'd like to chime in to say that's a pretty good idea. I either run
over to a
workstation to mark it as a bad track or write it down on a notepad for

later action. Being able to mark it as bad via the remote would be
a huge plus (or minus as the case might be).