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It should be and the soundcard control page. Button right by the soundcard selection drop down on the squeezelite page.
Thanks, I did't think to check card control, I've disabled onboard sound now.

Also, I may have a solution to the whole log file filling up memory problem.

This shellscript monitors the size of the logfile then truncates it if it gets too large:

# Log Monitor - Used to monitor the size of a logfile
# Will truncate log file if it gets too large
# Start of script

# Set max size of logfile here, in bytes. Default = 1 Megabyte

# Delete this file if you want script to stop running
touch "$RUNFILE"

# Log file to monitor

while [ -f "$RUNFILE" ]; do
    # Get filesize in bytes
    LOGSIZE=$(ls "$LOGFILE" -l | awk '{print $5}')

    # Compare
    if [ "$LOGSIZE" -gt "$MAXSIZE" ]; then
        echo "Filesize $LOGSIZE is too large, truncating at $(date)" | tee "$LOGFILE"
        echo "Filesize $LOGSIZE is OK"

    # Wait 1 min
    sleep 60
exit 0
# End of script
I've added it to my $HOME dir, called it 'log_monitor.sh' and load it on boot using the User command setting:


Adjust MAXSIZE to however large you want to log file to get before it gets truncated.