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    Fixed it!

    Mine is fixed now and it only took me about 15 minutes!
    But be warned, I didn't manage to get the wifi card out.

    The instructions by pbroughton in another thread were extremely helpful, but I found to get to the wifi card the following ...
    - T10 bit in a changeable bit screwdriver is fine, there are no tight spaces for this job
    - I pulled the white ribbon cable out and put it back without much difficulty, rather than leave it connected
    - with the boom on its back, angling the board up from the right hand side and then pulling the whole board up GENTLY whilst moving it from side to side allowed about 1/2cm of cable to ease out from the back which made disconnecting the white plug MUCH easier, I tried to get the angle so that I was essentially pulling the connector out of its socket rather than ripping the connector off the board

    Once the board was out, I disconnected both aerials and carefully prised the glue off the aerial cable that was glued to the card.
    I was able to wiggle the card out of its socket only by about 3mm, which was past the point where it was held by the latches,
    but then as I pulled further, when I let go it sprang back!! I could only get it partway out.
    I tried pushing on the metal can with a lolly stick, figuring that it should be ok-ish as it is soldered down all the way round, but I started to dent it

    Similar looking sockets require the board to be lifted up whilst pulling out but that wasn't happening easily to my wifi card.
    Without more detailed knowledge I was not prepared to use even more force or try lifting the card away from the board.
    So I slid it back into place, reassembled and it works great now.

    Of course it will be useful for me to know the trick to get the wifi card out, in case I have issues in the future, and essential for you to know if you're going to manage to replace the wifi card.

    Hope this helps.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Gingerlee View Post
    Of course it will be useful for me to know the trick to get the wifi card out
    You did the right things and put things back together since they were not working out for you.

    It took me two attempts when I was replacing the speakers on my Boom.

    Patience is the most important asset. Do not feel you must complete the job - with delicate parts - connectors and cable which cannot be replaced, take things slowly. When things aren't working as described/expected, stop and see if you can find advice on the sticking point. Sometime it is case of double checking that you have understood the instructions.

    JoeMuc2009 has a blog with various Boom repairs - having looked insides already reading them may help get a better understanding how Boom can be taken apart for other repairs asnd so may provide a hint on what caused you problems. https://forums.slimdevices.com/showt...l=1#post885916

    Have a look at the JoeMuc2009 SB3 instruction on replacing WLAN card - same latches are used on Boom's WLAN but it is more open and so you can understand the mechanism

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    Unable to get the time last weekend. I got tied up provisioning a new server for a customer. Hopefully next weekend - it's supposed to be a wet weekend anyway...

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    Replacement wifi cards not working either...

    After a power outage my Boom had the flashing panel light fault - I removed the wifi card and the Boom connected via ethernet. Iĺve now tried two replacement wifi cards, neither of which work. (Front panel lights flash again.) I wonder if there might be software corruption? I canĺt seem do a reset by the usual means, possibly because of the lack of wireless card? Can someone suggest a possible way forward?
    8.0.1, 1 x SB3, 2 x Boom, 1 x Touch, 2 x Radio, 2 x PiCore

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