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    Boom - lost WiFi

    First post, but long time SB user.

    In my collection I have a couple of Booms (original, not UE). Once is in my office - connected by ethernet, the other is in the bedroom as an alarm - connected by WiFi. All was well until a week ago or so. I was woken by the alarm playing random tracks from LMS on the Synology NAS, went into the shower with the music playing as usual, but when I got out of the shower the music had stopped - still apparently playing, but silent. I powered off and on again, but was unable to connect to the WiFi. I went through the setup from scratch, could see my SID, checked and re-entered the WiFi password, but connection attempts just timed out and would not connect. I tried everything, made sure the MAC for the Boom was allowed in the Draytek router access control and so on, but no luck. I went through a few days of checking everything, restarting the router, re-adding the Boom's MAC, scanning for devices and finding the Boom, it just would not connect to the router any more. At this point I decided to swap the Booms over, but the office one also wouldn't connect to WiFi either although it was OK with ethernet.

    So, short of running a cable across the landing from the office to the bedroom (unlikely to be allowed as a permanent fix), I'm stuck. The strange thing was that it dropped whilst in use without any other action - nothing had changed on the router, the network or any other hardware as I was in the shower and I'm the only in-house techie. I've scanned the network from the router and I can see the two Booms when they attempt to use the WiFi. Both MACs are allowed to connect and show in the Neighbo(u)rs tab in the router but they will not make an authorised connection to the network. All my other devices that use WiFi are OK, including a Receiver and Controller from the same MAC address range.

    Just don't know what to try next...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DuncanBiscuits View Post
    Just don't know what to try next...
    I found a thread further down relating to failed encryption. I'd dismissed it initially because I wasn't getting any error messages at all, but I followed the instructions for a Factory Reset. This worked fine on the office Boom and now it connects wired and wireless, so that's a start. The bedroom Boom didn't respond to this - two tries at resetting and reconnecting both failed, so maybe a wireless failure on the board? So I think the next job is to try swapping them again as wireless isn't important in the office where the network switch is located.

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    Still no further forward on the faulty WiFi connection establishment. When I select wireless connection and it gets to ask for the network SSID to connect, it can see other networks in the area, but not mine. I can enter the name manually and the password but no connection. The working one sees my SSID and connects to it.

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    Have you tried a Xilinx reset ? Press 1 on IR when applying power

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    Quote Originally Posted by bpa View Post
    Have you tried a Xilinx reset ? Press 1 on IR when applying power
    Thanks for the suggestion, but am I missing something here? The Boom remote doesn't have any number keys.

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    Ok, I've discovered that holding the preset key 1 whilst applying power results in the message 'Programming xilink'. On first attempt it connected through to the WiFi and I could switch it on, play a track and switch it off via the LMS web interface. At that point I lost the network and have been unable to reconnect again, despite going through another xilink reset directly followed by a factory reset. There's no problem with the signal level - my phone and laptop are both within a few feet of the Boom and get a good signal - Win10 shows the signal level at one below maximum. The router shows the device in the Neighbo(u)r tab in Station List with a signal level of -76dBm, the same as the laptop. My router can't find anyone on the same channel in range.

    It was working fine for many months and isn't related to any changes in the router and initially lost connection in mid-play. Both Booms are on firmware 57.

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    You may have to reseat or replace the wifi card. There are are few threads about it here.
    Here's 2
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    Quote Originally Posted by stereoptic View Post
    You may have to reseat or replace the wifi card. There are are few threads about it here.
    Thanks - after a bit of further reading around this forum I've already got a new card arriving tomorrow, so one way or another I should be able to reseat or replace the card and fix the problem at the weekend - all being well.

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    Wonky Boom!

    Hey, thanks for starting this thread!

    I have been using a Squeezebox Boom since whenever, also with firmware 57. (with the server stuck in a time warp - LMS 7.8.0 on perl 5.14.3)
    It just started acting really strangely. It would play the first part of a track (of varying length) before saying 'cannot connect to server'.
    Reboots and other weirdness ensued including 'malloc', 'too many redirects' etc etc
    It was connected to wifi whilst messed up but it is working absolutely fine now connected via a powerline adaptor. (wired ethernet over mains wiring)

    Here's the weird thing ... it was working fine about 2 weeks ago and then went funny ... about the same time as yours.
    This may be a complete coincidence as I physically moved it for the first time in over a year, so may have to reseat the wifi card. (thanks for the tip!)
    I am slightly concerned (because it doesn't seem very likely) that there is a software issue which caused all Booms (v57) to go wonky on the same day.

    Please update the thread if you make any progress and I will do the same.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Gingerlee View Post
    Please update the thread if you make any progress and I will do the same.
    Well, the card arrived in the post this morning from Microdream Ltd. I won't get much chance before the weekend to work on dismantling the Boom, so hopefully I'll have some updates after that.

    When I had the problem initially on both Booms I assumed a common fault, but one was kicked back onto WiFi with the preset 1 power on which worked straight away. The other only worked for a few minutes before failing again, never to see the WiFi again (so far).

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