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    Wi-fi key not reognized. What do I have to choose : WPA(AES/CCMP), WPA (TKIP) ?


    I'm French and until now my wi-fi code was recognized on the Squeezebox radio.But, since a few days, it isn't recognized any more whereas I made no modifications on my device : no add-on for example.
    I checked on the website of my internet service provider to try solving that problem : the kind of protection for the wi-fi code selected by default was WPA (TKIP+AES). I have made no modification of that protection.

    For that kind of problem, the website of my internet access provider writes that with certain devices (PDA, game consoles...) we must change the kind of the wi-fi protection : in that situation, they recommend to select WPA (TKIP) ou WPA (AES/CCMP) in case we detect a problem by trying connecting a device by wi-fi.
    I don't know which one to select to solve my problem.

    Can you help me by telling me what I've to do to enable my Squeezebox radio to connect to my internet box?
    Last, the website of my ISP proposes another mode : WPA.
    With my laptop I connect by WPA (TKIP+AES) and even by choosing another mode like WPA (TKIP) the connexion works out without any problem by using the same code as before.

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