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    PcP 5.0.0 BT input


    After looking a lot of threads, i haven't found what i need...

    I have a RPI3B+ with Pcp5.0.0 / Hifiberry Amp2 / LMS on a Syno NAS working perfectly.

    I can play QOBUZ (Music streaming) from my iPhone SE via Sharetunes, perfect ! Pcp switches on when i stream Qobuz and switches off when i leave the sharetunes streaming. It was a nice surprise.

    I have a LG LED TV with bad quality of sound (flat screen with small speakers...). I saw in the settings that there is a "LG SYNC / Bluetooth" option.

    I wonder if it"s possible to connect my LG TV to my RPI via Bluetooth automatically ?
    It will be nice to have a nice clear sound when i watch a movie.

    I don't see any BT option on Pcp...

    I need your help, thanks

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    Input is Not implemented, and there would likely been too much delay between video and audio.
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    Thanks Paul fot this reply.

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