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    piCorePlayer 5.0 and wifi not connection to NAS

    I am new to piCorePlayer after my squeezebox is dead. I am manage to setup a RPI 3 B+ with 7" touchscreen. The installation went smoothly. I can access my Synology NAS with ethernet connection. When I disconnect the Ethernet cable and using the wifi.

    The piCoreplayer cannot access the NAS, but I can access to the piCorePlayer setting with wifi IP address. Is there anything I can troubleshooting?


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    Just a guess, but your wireless connection will have a different IP Address, perhaps give this the necessary permissions in Synology?


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    There is not a network manager running on pCP, so if you boot with WiFi and eth0, and then unplug the Ethernet cable, there is nothing to change the default route.

    Boot with just WiFi, and you should be fine......or what Ronnie said too.
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    I got it to work by reinstalling piCorePlayer.


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