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    I did use the beta 5b for USBridge.
    Tested the same image on an rpi and it worked. But i noticed that the IP only showed up in the router for 2 seconds and then dissapeared.
    I could login with the ip that was shown.
    There i put in a fixed ip adress and booted the USBridge. Now i can login and see a ip adress/device in the router.

    So is does work!
    But somehow the ip adress did not show in the router (or just very short moment).

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    Boot from USB3.0 SSD or USB3.0 Flash driver

    Could you pros kindly make a project that support boot from USB3.0 SSD or USB3.0 Flash driver and it can resize USB drive partition by PiCoreplayer itself.I find audio quality from USB driver is better than that boot from SD card.Now I select boot from USB2.0 flash drive rather than SD card,and I use third-party partition tools to resize my memory capacitor,I had tried to boot USB3.0 flash drive from my PI3B but fail.
    Best regard to PiCoreplayer Team

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