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    Jivelite + piCorePlayer 6 confused by NIC change / player no longer seen by LMS

    Bug report:

    When changing network adapters on a Jivelite pCP, you must save settings after chosing the "player" associated with the new adapter. Failing to do so leads to misleading "Connecting to $LMSServerName..." spinny situations.


    I'm building a Jivelite pCP 6 player with a Pi 3B+. I found the onboard wifi unreliable once all was assembled in the touchscreen case and switched to a USB WiFi adapter. The pCP obtains an IP address but seems not to be connected to LMS -- screensaver's not right, My Music doesn't work, lots of "Connecting to $LMSServerName..." roadblocks. "Try again" and "Switch library" are useless. But in Choose Player I see my pCP listed twice. if I select the correct player, suddenly all is well. After going to Extras > piCorePlayer and saving settings to SD card, future boots work fine and Choose Player shows only one entry for the pCP.

    To me this mostly seems to be Jivelite problems -- "Connecting to $LMSServerName..." when it in fact has no trouble connecting and authenticating to LMS, failing to understand that the previously saved player mapped to a local NIC whose MAC LMS no longer recognizes. I would suggest that Jivelite should drop users on the Choose Player screen if it's unable to control the previously saved player because the identifier (MAC addr) is no longer found in LMS' list of current players. And maybe occasionally retry while that screen is showing to more gracefully handle scenarios like post-power-restoration if Jivelite started up before the controlled player re-registered itself with LMS.

    Many thanks to all of you working on pCP, Jivelite for all your great work. This looks very promising. (Hopefully all that's left is a bit of testing with the TSOP4838 IR receiver, some drilling, and some soldering...)
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    hi peterw,

    Two thing come to mind.

    LMS remembers squeezlite instances according to MAC address and it will forget old ones after a while. So you will get 2 instances of the same player occurring for a short period.

    Jivelite needed to be setup on the correct network interface. So hopefully all you need to do is reset jivelite and reconfigure. At worst you need to reinstall jivelite.

    Hopefully someone with a better memory than me can chime in and confirm this!


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