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    BETA: piCorePlayer6.0.0 - PI4 support

    Updated: Feb 24, 2020 Short and sweet announcement, but for those that have a new PI4 and want to use pCP......Only an image is offered, as we had to increase partition sizes to accommodate the PI4 firmware/kernels. One image still supports all rpi boards.....

    Latest Release Candidate

    Latest AudioCore RC. <——For tweakers.

    pCP 6.0.0-rc1
    • Kernel: 4.19.105
    • RPi Firmware: Feb 20, 2020
    • Add RPI4B v1.2 to detected boards
    • Corrections to web interface for alsaequal/streamer selecting output
    • Issue with booting from USB Sticks on Pi3's is resolved.

    pCP 6.0.0-b9 (Obsolete)
    • Kernel: 4.19.102
    • RPi Firmware: Feb 7, 2020
    • Support for HifiBerry Dac+ ADC Pro
    • Support for HifiBerry Dac+HD
    • Support for LED control on Hifiberry DAC+ based boards.
    • Added driver for Google voiceBonnet v2 (sound driver only)
    • Support for rtl8188fu (Sometimes marketed as 8188eus)
    • Updated to v2 USB ethernet driver for Allo USBridgeSig
    • Many changes to the Bluetooth support (Update bluetooth extension if doing insitu_updates)
    • Alsaequal now supports Bluetooth devices. Settings can be changed only when device is connected, but settings are retained.
    • Reduced image sizes by using new multi initrd boot.
    • Web pages are now in an extension (No longer in /home/tc/www) For faster boots,backups and easier www updates.
    • NOTE: pcp_startup.sh is now in /usr/local/etc/init.d/

    Known issues:
    • Boot from USB on pi3 devices is not working with dual initrd. Waiting for feedback from RPi.

    pCP 6.0.0-b7(Obsolete)
    • PI4 Only: Removed 32bit PI4 kernel, 64bit PI4 kernel is the only one available.
    • All other PI's use the 32bit kernel as before.
    • Added support for mirror repo. (Select at bottom of web page)
    • Fix a few web page issues.
    • Insitu Upgrade available.

    pCP 6.0.0-b6(Obsolete)
    • Kernel 4.19.80
    • RPi Firmware 2019/10/29
    • Boot from USB for Pi devices that support it should work now (Not on PI4 yet). You will need to manually increase the waitusb= parameter in cmdline.txt so that your USB stick is detected. I have to use waitusb=5 on my sticks.
    • Fixed Allo DigiOne driver. (https://github.com/raspberrypi/linux/issues/3296)
    • Improved Allo USBridgeSig support. Burn the image and boot it.
    • Simplification of the pCP modes. There is now just a "Player" and "Player/Server" mode. There is still a beta mode, but that is really beta stuff.
    • Updated to Squeezelite 1198.
    • alsa updated, so now the list of output devices show hw: and plughw:
    • Removed the DSD binary option. The regular Binary supports DOP/full DSD now.

    For those running a 6.0.0 beta, insitu update to Beta6 is availiable. Although, I would only try from Beta 4 or 5.

    pCP 6.0.0-b5(Obsolete)
    • Kernel 4.19.75
    • RPi Firmware 2019/09/24
    • Updated ASIX ax88179_178a driver for Allo USBrigeSig support.

    pCP 6.0.0-b4 (Obsolete)
    • Kernel 4.19.73
    • RPi Firmware 2019/09/20
    • Pi4 64 bit kernel support
    • New pCP web interface themes(Light/Dark)
    • Completely new Bluetooth integration. Support multiple device playback, and input from your phone.
    • Depreciated wiringPi, squeezelite now uses a simple gpio library.

    pCP 6.0.0-b1 (Obsolete)
    • Kernel 4.19.57
    • RPi Firmware 2019/07/05
    • Not many other changes.........

    RPI4 Bootloader update process can be found here: https://forums.slimdevices.com/showt...l=1#post951108
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