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    Bluetooth - no sound

    Hi all,

    I'm new around here and would like to start with a question re sending audio from my Android device via Bluetooth to pCP.
    pCP 6 Beta 7 is running on a RPi3 with a HiFiBerry DAC+, everything else is running just fine, only Bluetooth is giving me a headache.

    After several attempts I finally got all the green checkmarks and thought I had it all set up correctly
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    and to me it looks like BT is installed and running, the phone is paired..
    ..but there is no sound coming out of my speakers.
    Restarted everything several times, uninstalled Bluetooth, restarted again, reinstalled Bluetooth, restarted again..

    Since I don't have any other player with Bluetooth capability, I couldn't tell if it wasn't just a problem with my Andoid phone.
    So I went to a friend who has a JBL Bluetooth speaker.
    There I can send audio from my phone to his speaker, so I tend to think that I forgot or did something wrong in the pCP config.

    Any ideas?

    I should add that I really don't know anything about Bluetooth, never had used it before.
    But now that it's so close, I can see the opportunities!

    Thanks in advance!

    Now paired my Windows computer with piCorePlayer, but still no sound.
    Output device shown is 'piCorePlayer' and the windows computer is visible as 'connected' on the pCP BT page.
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