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    Installing LMS on a cloud server

    Did anyone try to install LMS on a cloud server (eg from ionos/1und1).

    I wanna try, the idea is to install the LMS package there, copy my database ( library.db or the whole "cache"-directory ) onto the server and then adressing it from "all over the world" on http://*myIP*:9000 )

    Can anyone tell if this works or if there should be any problems I don't see yet?

    They offer LINUX with either
    CentOS 6
    CentOS 7
    Debian 8
    Debian 9
    Ubuntu 16.04
    Ubuntu 18.04

    Which should be best for installing LMS and which LMS installer do I have to chose (sorry for the stupid question, but I'm running LMS for Windows since more than 10 years )


    PS: Just to add: I don't wanna use it to listen MUSIC over the www, I know this won't work (for the library is on my PC offline). I only wanna use the database function-s.
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