I'm looking for an easy way to run LMS on a web server / cloud server.
The idea is to have the database always with me, so I don't wanna hear music with it but "only" use the database to browse my library if I'm not at home, so I don't wanna do "imports" but preferably copy my local LMS-files/database to the server.
My server (ionos) has MySql support (Sqlite not sure).

Till now I had a (selfwritten) PHP-script for my MySql database , exported the sqlite from my local LMS installation (into *.csv) and re_imported it on my webserver. But this is pretty boring job so I look for an easier way to either
a) 'automatically' convert Sqlite into MySQL
b) run LMS "as is" on my webserver (copying the *.db files to the server)

Any ideas?
If You might see, I'm not very experienced in databases (except a little MySQL) so I just don't know how Sqlite works on a web server...