Full version info player: piCorePlayer v5.0.1 | linux 4.19.40-pcpCore | piCore v10.1pCP | Squeezelite v1.9.2-1158-pCP
Using hw:CARD=sndrpihifiberry setting.

Full version info LMS: Logitech Media Server Versie: 7.9.1 - 1505480690 @ Fri Sep 15 22:32:08 UTC 2017
Raspberry Pi3-1Gb on 16Gb SD, media on fileserver. No Squeezelite active

As soon as i fired up the pi i noticed that the left channel was not playing. Then I changed the players name (Squeezelite Settings -> Name of your player) and suddenly the left channel was working.
Played some time and then again left channel is gone and now back again.

For testing I changed in LMS Musicsystem => Audio => Output modus => Left channel expecting to hear nothing but right channel kept on playing. Matter of fact whatever channel I choose I keep on having stereo. And yes I changed music stream to force rebuffer.

Main question now is how to test if i've got a malfunctioning DAC or something buggy with PcP?