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    I just built a system for a friend based on a PI and LMS SW, with the Pinguin app as the UI on an iPad. Rave reviews.

    She's now in the process of ripping her CD collection (about 15 years late, IMO :-D) and is using Tidal (gasp, I think I am falling a little! :-D).

    She's a super gifted musician, and after she listened to my system (and saw me easily interact with it via a GUI) she asked me to set hers up. And of course the Squeezebox system is up for it. 5th person I have converted in the last 3 years (it's not my mission in life, I only do it if someone asks for help (and he's pretty!).
    Server: Virtual Machine (on VMware Workstation 14 Pro) running Ubuntu 18.04 + LMS 7.9
    System: SB Touch -optical-> Benchmark DAC2HGC -AnalysisPlus Oval Copper XLR-> NAD M22 Power Amp -AnalysisPlus Black Mesh Oval-> Totem Element Fire
    Other Rooms: 2x SB Boom; 1x SB Radio; 1x SB Classic-> NAD D7050 -> Totem DreamCatcher + Velodyne Minivee Sub
    Computer audio: workstation -USB-> audioengine D1 -> Grado RS1/Shure 1540

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    Quote Originally Posted by d6jg View Post
    He has also missed off 2 other essential plugins - MAI and RP.
    I was oblivious to these two plugins. I installed MAI a couple of days, and it is absolutely awesome! Thanks to Michael for developing it, and thank you for mentioning it here!

    Perhaps I will give RP a try--and spend some time perusing the list of plugins.

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