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    spotty does not run anymore on my squeezebox

    Hi there, I'm a new users and i'm not a technician: I would only listen to my spotyfy premium by my squeezebox touch/lms Spotty ( my version is 2.8.3) does not run anymore on my squeezebox. I've tried to disconnect and login again my spotty account, I've tried to disconnect my spotify from other( maybe toomany) devices such like ALEXA ECHO. I use a nas synology( and I've tried also to close and let it run again). Do you know if there is any new spotty version coming out? Could you help me?. thanks

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    You could find a lot of information in the Spotty threads (eg. https://forums.slimdevices.com/showt...our-Squeezebox).

    What are your Spotty settings? What helper are you using? What type Synology NAS is your LMS running on?

    Most likely what you need to do is to install the additional "Spotty Legacy Helper" plugin.

    "It doesn't work - what shall I do?" - "Please check your server.log and/or scanner.log file!"
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