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    Anyone tested AES67 ?

    Anyone tested to consume AES67 streams ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unfolded View Post
    Anyone tested to consume AES67 streams ?
    I'm using the Merging NADAC with Ravenna.
    Tŕte Ó FLAC

    2 X SB Classic
    2 X SB2
    1 X SB Boom
    1 X SB Touch
    1 X Transporter
    2 X Duet + Remote
    3 X Rpi+Picoreplayer
    2 X Chromecast
    1 X Chromecast Audio
    1 X Atoll ST100

    All devives connected via CeolBOX server aka The Musical Box
    Using OrangeSqueeze and Material Skin Plug-in to remote all my connected devices.

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