I want to "build" my own squeeze player with dsd native support. To do this, I bought a small raspberry pi zero W and a dac with ES9028Q2M chip.
I have weld the I2S wires on the pi board, install piCorePlayer, make the config for the DAC with "RPI DAC" option and it work great with piCorePlayer except for DSD reading...

on my Daphile music server, I have activate the DSDPlayer and the Daphile extras plugins. My piCorePlayer is well recognized as a native DSD player and I did not activate the DoP option.

So in my PiCorePlayer config I have enable the "Native/DoP DSD squeezelite" binary and that's it. I play a dsd file and it seems to read (the time bar is moving forward) but there is no sound coming out...

I tried all the options in dsdout (u8; u16le, u16be, u32le, u32be) and it's the same problem. And I tried the DoP option (the dac does not support this function) and I have music but has a very very low volume and a lot of breath, it is very unpleasant.

And that's it, I don't know what to do more to make it work properly and if it's possible with piCorePlayer (it works very well with volumio).

Someone can help me solve my problem if it's possible.

Sorry for my english, I'm french guy.

Thanks in advance