Hi All,

so i have picoreplayer 4.1.0 running smoothly on a Rpi3+, listening to flac music from a Geekworm Raspberry Pi X850 mSATA SSD, output to a Bose Soundlink mini II, which works a treat, only a bit too much on the bass-y side of the spectrum.

I found the equalizer in picoreplayer, which, i think, only works with a proper device, a soundcard. Got myself a justboom DAC, connecting the Soundlink on the "jack" and it works well: can modify the sound every way i like. Only: i'm not able to combine the two, bluetooth output and soundcontrol via DAC.

Now: has anyone got this, or a similar setup running? Bluetooth output AND soundcontrol with the DAC?

Would be grateful for any hint, even a plain and well founded "does not work" will be welcome.

Best Regards