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    Cases for 7" screen plus HAT?


    I know there are some old threads on cases but I thought there might be some updated recommendations on a case with space for a HAT that has a stand and allows phono/LAN/DAC cables not to protrude from the side of the screen or else be so close to the table so that one has to employ rather shaky right-angled adapters! (I tried out a SmartiPi Touch frame which is troublesome in the above regards when used with a JustBoom DAC HAT)
    The Max2Play looks promising but doesn't seem to have a stand - plus it appears to be only a limited supply as a marked second, which doesn't fill me with confidence.

    Is there a design that has all the kinks ironed out?

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    I am in the same boat. I wish for a case like this.

    I've used the DesignSpark case, which is nice and protects the board behind the screen. Someone designed a 3D printed back cover which gives room for a HAT. I really wish such a product would be commercially available. It's OK to leave the empty space behind the Pi without any holes, and one could drill holes by ourselves, depending on which HAT module is installed.


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    I too am looking for the ultimate Pi case

    I found a good case for a Pi with USB DAC - https://forums.slimdevices.com/showt...-nice-Pi-case-!!

    I use it with an flashed O2 Joggler as a now playing / control screen but I agree that we need a decent case that will house a Pi a HAT and the touchscreen and there is nothing out there that does (apart from the Audiophonics case which is mega bucks)
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