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    Quote Originally Posted by sachadog View Post
    On the task bar, bottom right of the screen, there is an "up" arrow, sitting next to the internet connection, on my computer. Hovering a mouse pointer over that "up" arrow brings up a dialogue box called "show hidden icons". Clicking the arrow brings up the "hidden short-cuts, or 'icons', as described by W10". I used the same terminology as the computer. When I use that short-cut for LMS in that dialogue box, I can start LMS in administrator mode.
    I thought that might be it. Any of those "Hidden Icons" can be dragged down onto the System Tray, and likewise dragged onto the "up" arrow to hide them.
    Server - LMS 7.9.2 Pi3B+/pCP 4.1.0 25K library playlists & LMS cache on SSD (ntfs)
    Study - Pi3B+/pCP 4.1.0/pi screen/HiFiBerry DAC+/jivelite,
    Lounge - Pi2/pCP 4.1.0 > HiFiBerry DIGI+ > AudioEngine DAC1 > AVI DM5
    Dining Room - Squeezebox Boom
    Garage - Pi3B/Pi screen/HiFiBerry DAC+/pCP 4.1.0 > Edifier R980T
    Spares - 2xTouch, 1xSB3, 1xRadio, 6xRPi

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    Quote Originally Posted by sachadog View Post
    I don't know why the right mouse click does not work, but at least by using the "hidden icon" I can set LMS to do what I require.
    What startup option did you choose for LMS? If you're using the automatic startup as I suggested earlier you will need the LMS control panel quite seldom.

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    Administrator Privileges


    This comes down to something you have and use and think it's the norm and only when it's not there, you miss it!
    My computer system and my music have been down for a few months for various reasons. Therefore my nightly updates were way out of date. I know it shouldn't have made much dfference, but it did, somehow.
    Anyway to cut along story short, I now have administrator privileges back, as and when I need them. I needed to change various aspects to suit a new setup, hence I was having the problems I outlined.
    It's just the right click of the mouse wasn't working to become an administrator again and in fact, at times, it's still not working, but by using the "hidden icon", I can get round the problem.
    I still don't understand why the right mouse click doesn't work all the time, but the use of the icon works everytime. Being hidden, I had effectively forgotten it was there!
    Thank you all for your help and advice.
    Dave M.

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