switching from remote controlled amp to non remote amp I intend to use the volume control of the SB Touch.

Setting on the amp the volume control for the loudest I think will need (while the volume setting on the SB Touch is at 100) and afterwards during listening using the SB Touch volume control to reduce if needed. Never going below ca. 80 on the Touch.
with my ears and system I do not hear sound quality degradation...but I am curious. :-))

Are there any objective, measured curves of sound quality (resolution, noise, ...) for different volume settings on a Touch ?
are there clear, measured values: what the number of the volume value on the Touch does it mean ? 100=0dB, 99= ... dB ? 98=..dB, ...90=..dB, 85=...dB, 80=..dB

..also: I tried 3 DAC's in the past (e.g. Denon DA-300, Musical Fidelity M1) and although heard especially with the Denon DA-300 some changes I would not say for sure that through the DAC's the sound was with higher fidelity to the original.
At what price level would be DAC's with which for sure the sound is better ?
..I tend to objectivism.

thanks for any contentfull and facts based reaction.