Thank you all;

The Lepy and Amptastic are interesting, but I am kind of stuck on the remote control of volume and power, as there are times that my wife, with or without guests, will be at the cabin without me, so ease of use is a big factor. I don't see where the Amptastic is available in the US.

The NAD is very intriguing. I had seen it prior to asking the question, and looking into it further, it seems to have gotten allot of buzz. I have owned NAD stuff before, so I know that the quality would be there. I just wished it was older so I could find a used one, They have refurbs for about $300.

I'd love to hit a <$200USD target, and perhaps used would help that, to justify just not bringing one of the old integrated amps or receivers I have lying around (I tend to not get rid of audio equipment). I don't mind spending the $ on something like the Denon outright, but the other equipment saying "what about me? I'm just sitting here!" might guilt me.

I mentioned the Arcam 65 because I own one, and know it sounds great, and it's thin. I know that NAD and others have older, thin models that I might be able to pick up used, but I don't "know" them. I could use the A65 but it's in a rack with the matching tuner and cd player that I never use.

Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to chime in.