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thanks again for such good pertinent info. I am sending Denon back anyway as it is limited considering the cost. Does not even have digital out to use my own DAC.. Goes to show you though--Denon support didn't want to be bothered. Could of told me that URL could be loaded. Yes,, I need to read up more on it.. Gets a bit brain squeezing. Just missed a Duet on Ebay.. sold for 55.. Was watching in last 45 seconds and reluctant to pull the trigger. Just gets a bit overwhelming to have to set up a totally unfamiliar system with so much else going on around here .. Moving away from what has now become my home town after I leave.. losing what made it a good place to live.. Aside from the massive population density.. not to mention traffic. Oh well, 70's are long gone. Not to mention the 60's . :roll eyes:

BPA , would you like to elaborate on real hardware player,, ,, SB server based?
Do nothing.
Buy nothing.
Learn more of the issues and figure out what sort of setup'll you'll be comfortable setting up & maintaining.

Your skill/knowledge level in this area seems to be minimal and I think will either need a simple device or a lot of handholding/education as indicated by your problem with Denon:
(i) you were not able to articulate your need/problems to Denon support sufficient for them to understand. You want a simple solution and didn't persist adding custom URL.
(ii) you don't understand URLs and the necessity to find relevant URLs for your needs - KFJC unlike many station were published on station website.
(iii) you weren't able to find a relevant article on line which solves your problem once you found those URLs.
(iv) you didn't pass any remark about running a local LMS or testing on a PC - it seems buy a ready made box was your preferred solution.

I am not trying to be harsh - just trying to point out that most of today's solutions will not meet your immediate needs and you will becomes increasingly frustrated.

As an example, the Duet cannot play the KFJC AAC stream without a local LMS - so if you had bought it you would been unhappy as it won't play your desired station - and Logitech support for SB is non existent - this is a community based & supported system. So with the Duet you would have ended up with a two box solution and the need to setup a LMS, probably buy an app for a phone/tablet and then add a custom URL.

My advice.
1. At this point in time, Squeezebox system will not meet your need as I think it maybe too complex if all you want is a replacement for a FM-Tuner (I.e. single box connected to DAC/amp, network in, twist knob to play any station, make a selection, display and digital out)
2. If you have an Android phone/table look for a Chromecast audio (discontinued, use digital cable to connect) and use phone/tablet to play audio via Tune-in, browser or whatever app.
3. Grace Tuner should work but is discontinued and AFIACT no community support to extend and you'll still need to add a custom URL.

There are many users on this forums, lots of them were beginners many who have travelled this same path so with more knowledge of your setup, you home networking capability, your needs - their experience and advice will be shared.

That said, my belief to get the best solution for your needs, spend some time learning about the basics of network streams, URLs, formats. If you have PC, play around with these streams in the PC / Browser (e.g try out LMS/Squeezebox on Windows 10 install LMS and Squeezelite-X player) .

Although your immediate need is a FM Tuner replacement - a proper network streaming solution can provide better facilities such as metadata (realtime track info), Artwork/images , "Listen on Demand", Podcasts but you'll need to learn more about the streaming world.