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    would it be possible to shutdown lms/pi with network ups server

    Got a synology nas with a ups connected. In the NAS OS there is an option to let the NAS act as UPS server (btw APC can provide the same function when equipped with a network card). This function makes it possible to connect two NASes on one UPS. The UPS is then connect via USB to one NAS. The USB connected NAS will broadcast it's status on the network. The second NAS it watching the UPS server status (Being the first NAS acting as UPS server) and when the first one signals a power failure the second nas will also shutdown.
    edit: Here is a post for a regular pi https://www.domoticz.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2266

    Would it be possible to let PcP watch for the status of the UPS server and perform a clean shutdown when there is a power failure? If the PcP pi is then physically powered by the UPS there is no problem with the runtime of the UPS.

    How to boot the pi again is another thing, will it respond to a wol packet?
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