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    Squeezbox Duet Receiver incompatible with 802.11r

    I understand there's no hope of this ever being fixed, just posting here to save some future person (maybe me again!) the hours it took to figure this out (https://xkcd.com/979/)...

    The Squeezebox Duet receiver cannot join a WiFi network with 802.11r enabled. Your WiFi router firmware may call it by other names like "fast BSS transition" or "fast roaming".

    The incompatibility is surprising, because the Duet controller _does_ support 802.11r, and will happily control other Squeezeboxes devices on the network with this WiFi feature enabled. The duet receiver, however, presumably uses a different WiFi chip and driver stack, and will get stuck on the yellow light indicating no network connection. The receiver in this state has no way to be probed for logs or other error indicators. Eventually debugging the problem will show that DHCP requests are not being made, and in fact the device cannot even join the WiFi network.

    Hopefully this post will save someone some time. The only solution is to disable 802.11r on the network you wish to use with the Squeezebox receiver, or set up a separate WiFi SSID just for its use without 802.11r.

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    Funny xkcd ... it exactly hits the mark!


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