I have the problem that with squeezelite, respectively squeezelite-x the songs are simply stopped in the middle and the next track starts.

I have to go a bit further.

A few years ago I had set up a multiroom system in our apartment with several players (Rasperry Pi), also on a PC, at that time still with Windows 7 and squeezelite as a service.

Everything worked without any problems. Then I had made an update to Windows 10 about 3 years ago. So far everything was fine.

Sometime at the end of last year a larger update came with Windows 10. And afterwards the problem began. Every now and then a song was broken off at some point and the next piece started. That happened about every dozen songs.

Now Windows 10 made meanwhile still other problems. Therefore I had completely reinstalled the computer a few days ago, again with Windows 7. But this time I had used squeezelite-x and simply started it in the background by autostart. This ran again without problems.

Unfortunately I had to update to Windows 10 again because of another software. And now the problem is there again.

Only this time much worse, because actually every song is aborted. In the logfile there is always the entry: Decoder does not support file format, code 0

This message comes with every song. Only sometimes just before the end that there is enough buffer left in the player and the song is played to the end. But this happens very rarely. Most of the time the abort takes place approximately in the middle of the song.

It is an iTunes database, all available in M4A format. They are not lossless files, but all encoded in AAC.

I have installed the Squeezelite-x in a Windows 7 virtual machine on the Windows 10 computer for testing purposes, and there it also works without problems. So it's somehow Windows 10.

It doesn't matter if I take the version from the store or install it manually.

The other players with squeezelite on Raspian also work perfectly. Only on Windows 10 I can't get it to work properly.

Maybe someone still has an idea what that could be.