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    Touch screen calibration values are not stored

    Hello, everybody,

    I have successfully, thanks to the instructions from http://www.pughx2.com/picore320.html,
    I got setup my PiCorePlayer 4.1 + Waveshare 3.5" screen + Jivelite,
    and it run.

    Last problem is the calibration of the touchscreen:
    the calibration works fine, also the test.
    Unfortunately the calibration factors are not saved.
    At next reboot the touchscreen position is not correct anymore.

    Unfortunately the last 3 lines of the manual are not correct in my opinion:
    1: go to the Tweaks page and set jivelite autostart to yes, save the config,
    2: using Putty, enter sudo filetool.sh -b to backup the changes,
    3: using Putty, enter sudo reboot[/I]

    If I execute point 1 then PiCorePlayer boots already and I can't execute point 2 anymore.

    I change the order of the last commands, but without success.

    What do I have to do to save the calibration values in a way that it will be available the next time I start PiCorePlayer ?

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    You can [Backup] and [Reboot] from the [Main Page] from the Web GUI.

    Via ssh, you can $pcp br


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