Dear fiends and users of ickStream,

Over the last 7 years we have tried to build a bridge between quickly evolving streaming music market and the longer-term focused audio hardware market. We have learned that sometimes legal and strategic aspects are more important than to have a good and affordable product that solves a problem for a customer. We have come to a point where proceeding would require significant investments in time and money and this is something we can't justify ourselves at this stage.

Due to all these developments and with a heavy heart we have to announce that we don't see a perspective for us to keep operating the ickStream service for an extended time.

Therefore, we decided to shut down the ickStream service at the end of May 2019.
After that, the ickStream services and any ickStream plugins you may use will cease to function.

As a user, you might want to look out for alternative service implementations.

As a partner or user of our technology, please be aware that products relying on our services will no longer work after that date.

If your company still feels the need to use some of our technology or has the need for or interest in a continued service, please feel free to contact us, we are open for all kind of options including licensing, sale of our technology or the ickStream GmbH company.

Our open source software will still be available under the license agreements they were published under, restrictions (especially those imposed by third parties) will continue to apply. Unfortunately, releasing the whole platform under open source is not an option due to restrictions imposed by our streaming service partners.

For users of the Squeezebox platform: you will find that for a lot of the services which were supported through ickStream there are alternatives, either through Logitech's service or third part plugins.

The iPeng App is unrelated to ickStream and will continue to work and will be see continued development going forward.

It was a pleasure to work with you all, we hope to see you all again in other circumstances.

Your ickStream team