Iíve been struggling with my 2 x Controllers, 2 x Receivers, 3 x Booms, 3 x Radios and 1 x Classic for 6 months now. Itís been either DHCP errors, SSID/BSSID errors or broadcast errors.

Iíve been reading forums like a maniac to find people with similar problems.

Now, it has been 100% stable for two weeks.

The solution for me was to create a separate SSID only running 2.4 GHz, broadcasting from only one access point, and separate traffic in a dedicated VLAN only containing Squeezebox traffic.

Now, Iím happy because Squeezebox is still the most versatile multiroom system.

If you are struggling with players not willing to connect, or suddenly gets offline, or music stuttering. Try the above and go from there.