I was Netflixing the recent Bob Weir documentary, and got to thinking that I had a fancy Grateful Dead product somewhere, purchased while in an "I should really try to understand the Dead thing" enthusiasm. I found it, and it is indeed a beautifully packaged 3-CD/1-Blu-Ray of Sunshine Daydream, the 1972 benefit concert in Oregon. It seems to be widely lauded as a great intro to the Dead in their prime, which is why I presumably bought it - but I never did anything with it, it seems, other than watch the movie.

It's labelled as HDCD, which in theory provides some incremental advantages if properly implemented, and which is also in theory backwardly compatible with regular CD technology. I'm wondering if I need to do anything special to take advantage within a SB environment of whatever benefits the format provides? I did see (here) that some other Dead releases with HDCD don't actually implement the features of the format and don't offer any benefit. But this one is fairly recent, and maybe it does.

So my questions:

  • Does LMS support the HDCD format, so a full rip will give me the benefits?
  • How best to rip, I think dBp supports the format in some way? Or some other way?
  • Can I just do a regular 16/44 rip from the disc and have a regular set of playable files?
  • Is there anything else I need to know?